Power-Amp Buis

Tad Premium el34m.2 (matched pair)

Tad Premium el34m.2 (matched pair) Power-Amp buis


Matched set.

TAD EL34M special edition
The TAD-EL34M is a limited special edition in the classic design of a Mullard / Philips EL34 tube as it was once built for the Philips Miniwatt series in Blackburn, England.
For the typical Marshall crunch with a focus on the high mids.
Of course with all TAD quality proceedures and the well approved TAD Premium Matching.
The TAD-EL34M can be used for every EL-34 and also instead of 6CA7 and KT77
It is therefore ideal for guitar amplifiers as well as for hi-fi devices.
Q: When does a power tube become a Premium Selected power tube?
A: All power tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:
–      Plate Current (PC) and Amplification (TC)
–      Low Noise Test
–      Microphonic Test
–      Sonic Tests
–      Shock Tests
–      Listening Tests
–      Shorts & Leakage Tests
Premium RT-Matching of Power Tubes
Our Premium Matching is an exact matching of power tubes with identical Plate Current (PC) and Transconductance (TC).
TAD Premium Selected tubes are guaranteed for a period of 6 months (according to terms of warranties)
for the quality criteria mentioned above.

Tube Type: EL34/6CA7/E34L
Socket: 8 Pin(Octal)
Selection: Premium

Actuele voorraad: 1
Merk Tad Premium
Type El34m.2 (matched Pair)
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