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Blackhorn 1.78mm waxed

Blackhorn 1.78mm waxed Aansluitdraad per/meter

  • Blackhorn 1.78mm waxed Aansluitdraad per/meter

Prijs per meter, kan verkocht worden v.a. 10 cm.

USA made waxed cotton braided push back wire.
Premium Gavitt cloth-covered hookup wire that does not require stripping — simply push it back to reveal the wire. This wire is stranded, making it more flexible and ideal for wiring tight guitar cavities.

Diameter: 0.070″ (1.78mm)

22 AWG unshielded single conductor wire is tinned and stranded, with a white celanese wrap and waxed braided cotton outer insulation. The cloth insulation simply pushes back to expose the center conductor wire.

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Type 1.78mm Waxed
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