0.10 Set Voor Elektrische Gitaar

D'Addario ehr310 half geslepen

D’Addario ehr310 half geslepen 0.10 Set voor elektrische gitaar



Coined the “third type of string,” XL Half Rounds are an innovative combination of round wound and flat wound strings. Half Rounds electric guitar strings have a smoother feel than round wound strings, but a fuller tone than strings which are flat wound. Made with a high carbon steel core and stainless steel wrap wire, they’re finished with a precision grinding process to provide a smooth feel and reduced finger noise, with tone that’s comparable to round wound strings. 10-46 Regular Light strings are our most popular gauge, providing a nice balance of tone and playability.

D’Addario Half Rounds electric guitar strings are round wound with stainless steel, then precision ground, leaving the outer surface smooth and semi-flat. The result is a string with the tone and tension of round wound strings, plus a smoother feel, like that of flat wound.

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