Set 4 String Bassnaren

D'Addario enr72 half round long scale

D’Addario enr72 half round long scale Set 4 string bassnaren



Coined the “third type of string,” XL Half Rounds bass strings are an excellent medium between round wound and flat wound strings. Half Rounds have a smoother feel than round wound strings, but a fuller tone than strings that are flat wound. Made with a high carbon steel core and pure nickel wrap wire, they’re finished with a precision grinding process to provide a smooth feel and reduced finger noise, with tone that’s comparable to round wound bass strings. This 50-105 Medium set has a higher tension, affording increased low-end response and output.

D’Addario Half Rounds bass strings are round wound with pure nickel, then precision ground, leaving the outer surface smooth and semi-flat. The result is a string with the tone and tension of round wound strings, plus a smoother feel, like that of flat wound.

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Type Enr72 Half Round Long Scale