Dr. J aerolite compressor

Dr. J aerolite compressor Compressor


The Aerolite Compressor is equipped with a 3 way mini switch for high, low and mid adjustments. Using the controls you can dial in your perfect compression sound, whether it’s a light compression or a heavy compression, it’s easily achievable with the Aerolite Compressor.4
AEROLITE COMP is equipped with an INPUT switch suited for High, Middle, and Low Input adjustment;
COMP control to set the amount of compression and sustain;
ATTACK control to adjust the dynamic and touch-sensitive attack;
MIX to adjust the original signals and compressed sound to gain ideal tone with a superb compression and retained infinite sustain of the original tone. When adjusting MIX CCW to the minimum,
The AEROLITE COMP can be used as a BOOST for Guitars, Basses and other musical instruments.
True Bypass design minimizes tone loss.
Specifications General Controls:
4 Pot + 1 Shift Switch Indicator Light:
1 Red LED Compression Control Attack Control Mix
True Bypass Design
Power Source:
Power Adapter (Power Adapter and Connecting Cable are not included)
Current: 15mAh (DC 9V) Voltage: DC 9V Ports
Input Jack (MONO)
Output Jack (MONO)
Main product dimensions: 95x80x55mm (L x W x D)
Main product weight: 264g
Product Notes
Power Adapter and connection cables are not included with this product. Contents

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