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Jim Dunlop cry baby bass 105Q

Jim Dunlop cry baby bass 105Q Wah wah


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The first wah pedal designed by bass players for bass players. The 105Q incorporates a proprietary potentiometer and custom EQ circuitry specifically optimized for bass frequencies. The Cry Baby Bass Wah applies the wah effect to the mids and highs only, leaving a strong fundamental to hold down the bottom so you can take solos or throw in fills without ever disturbing your low end.

The 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah Wah is powered by one 9-volt battery (accessed via the bottom of the pedal), an AC adapter such as the Dunlop ECB003/ ECB003E, or a DC BrickTM power supply.
• VOLUME knob controls amount of gain added by BOOST switch, up to 20dB
• VARIABLE Q knob adjusts frequency range of wah wah effect
• BOOST switch increases output as set by VOLUME knob
• Silent “auto-off” switching puts pedal into bypass mode when you take your foot off rocker
• Rotate the VARIABLE Q knob clockwise for a narrower frequency range to emphasize higher end harmonics or counterclockwise for a wider frequency range that emphasizes lower end harmonics.
• To increase the 105Q’s output, engage the BOOST switch and rotate the VOLUME control clockwise to increase the amount of gain, up to +20dB, or counterclockwise to decrease it.
Input Output
Filter Center Frequency
Heel Down Toe Down
Gain at Center Frequency
Heel Down Toe Down
Bypass Current Draw Power Supply

• •
• Run an instrument cable from your guitar to the 105Q’s INSTRUMENT jack and another instrument cable from the 105Q’s AMPLIFIER jack into your amplifier’s input.
The 105Q is bypassed (off) whenever your foot is off the pedal. To turn it on, simply press the toe of the pedal down with your foot.
Set both the VOLUME control and the VARIABLE Q control fully counterclockwise.
Rock your foot back and forth on the pedal to hear the vocal, expressive tones that the Cry Baby Wah Wah is famous for.
ADJUSTABLE VOLUME control sets level of preset gain boost of up to +20dB
VARIABLE Q control lets you adjust the frequency width of the effect
1 MΩ 1 kΩ
180 Hz 1800 Hz
+25 dB +32 dB
Buffered 3.5 mA 9 volts DC
Silent “AUTO-OFF” switching puts the pedal in BYPASS mode when you lift your foot

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