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Joyo orange juice amp simulator

Joyo orange juice amp simulator Amp Simulator


JOYO JF-310 Orange Juice Amp Sim Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal
JOYO JF-310 Orange Juice Amp Simulator, NEW mini Guitar effects pedals from JOYO, available for UK distribution.
The Orange Juice Amp Simulator re-creates the in your face sound of some great British Amps, influencing Punk, Classic Rock. Every sound that requires a dirty sound with some attitude will find a friend in the Orange Juice Pedal. Whether you use it direct into your sound interface or in front of your amp.
Gain / Drive
Mid Boost /Voice
True By Pass
Amp Simulator
Input Impedance: 1m
Output Impedance: 10k
Running Current: 25mA
Power: DC 9V negative polarity adapter, not supplied.
Dimensions :
7.3cm long
4.3cm wide
5 cm tall.
Weight : 220g

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