Guitar Polish/wax

NitorLACK polish and cleaner

NitorLACK polish and cleaner Guitar polish/wax

  • NitorLACK polish and cleaner Guitar polish/wax

Een van de beste polishes voor alle lakken (o.a. nitro) Met de typische vanille geur zoals je die kent als de koffer van een paar bekende gitaarmerken open gaat 😉

Polish and cleaner – 125 ml bottle
Removes dust, fingerprints, surface marks and enhances the shine of your instrument. In addition, with continued use the instrument acquires a very pleasant “vintage” vanilla smell. Every musician knows that regular instrument maintenance is a must for your beloved guitar.

NitorLACK cleaner has been specially designed to keep your guitar clean and shiny. It is also compatible with nitrocellulose and polyurethane finishes. NitorLACK Polish & Cleaner is biodegradable and SILICONE FREE. It enhances the shine of your guitar by creating a protective and resistant micro-coating.

Directions for use: Shake the product vigorously before use. Apply directly on the surface to be treated or on a cloth and rub until no product remains on the instrument. 125 ml bottle.

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