Nux Loop Core LOOPCST

Nux Loop Core LOOPCST Looper


The NUX LOOP CORE Stereo, a versatile looping pedal with clear screen and intuitive controls for easy and enjoyable looping. It features dedicated knobs for selecting drum styles and adjusting tempo, effortless loop saving and deleting, volume control and menu navigation, and convenient loop control with a press or double-press of the button.
Connect headphones for private monitoring, and enjoy versatile connectivity with USB and MIDI inputs.

Powered by a 9V DC supply, it offers two mono inputs and outputs for connecting various mono or stereo instruments and flexible routing.

Experience the NUX LOOP CORE Stereo and unlock the potential of looping in your music with its user-friendly interface and versatile features.

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Merk Nux
Type Loop Core LOOPCST
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