Sharkfin Thin

Sharkfin Thin 0.40mm



Een “oer oud” model die door zijn veelzijdigheid nog steeds erg geliefd is.
De 3 zijdes van dit plectrum geven namelijk allemaal hun eigen sound en feel!

• Made in Sweden.

The legendary Sharkfin pick offers guitarists a choice of playing edges for different tones. Strum gently with the smooth edge, then dig deep for a harder sound from the ‘waved’ edge.

Without Stig Landstrom, The Beatles’ guitar riffs would have sounded a little different. In the 1960s Landstrom invented the shark’s fin-shaped guitar plectrum Shark fin. This new shape of plectrum spread across the world, and also came to be used by international artists in the world of pop, such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

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Merk Sharkfin
Type Thin
Kleur Rood