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Tgi inca black and white

Tgi inca black and white Stoffen gitaarriem


This TGI Handcrafted Inca Guitar Strap with Black/White design is made with passion. high grade peruvian fabrics and a 100% cotton weave back for enhanced comfort and strength. It features designs inspired by the artwork of the Inca Empire, secure suede tips and length adjustment between 45″-47″.
For peace of mind that your favourite guitar is secure around your shoulders, the TGI Handcrafted Inca Guitar Strap is an excellent choice for a strong strap with some of the more fashionable and eye catching designs on the market.
• Handcrafted guitar strap
• High grade Peruvian fabric construction
• 100% cotton weave backing
• Suede strap ends
• Designs inspired by regional Inca Empire art
• Length adjustable between 45″-47″ via the metal buckle

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